Studying Quenching in Intermediate-z Galaxies: Gas, Angular Momentum, and Evolution

The SQuIGGLE Survey

Characterizing the physical mechanisms that "quench" massive galaxies, transforming them from blue star-forming disks into quiescent red ellipticals, is a hotly debated and poorly understood aspect of extragalactic astronomy. The SQuIGGLE survey targets massive post-starburst galaxies at z∼0.6, which are observed within a few hundred million years after they stopped forming stars. Our team has assembled a multi-wavelength view of their detailed physical properties including: ALMA CO(2-1) observations of molecular gas, Gemini/GMOS measurements of stellar kinematics, VLA and Keck/NIRES measurements of obscured star formation and AGN activity, and HST and Subaru/HSC imaging of stellar structures. Together we are building a picture of the detailed properties of these transitioning massive galaxies to unveil the physical processes that drive their transformation.


Merger Signatures are Common, but not Universal, In Massive, Recently-Quenched Galaxies at z~0.7 (Verrico et al. 2022)

Star Formation Suppresion by Tidal Removal of Cold Molecular Gas from an Intermediate-Redshift Massive Post-Starburst Galaxy (Spilker et al. 2022)

The Compact Structures of z~0.7 Post-Starburst Galaxies (Setton et al. 2022)

Star formation truncation precedes the loss of molecular gas by ∼100 Myr in massive post-starburst galaxies at z∼0.6 (Bezanson et al. 2022)

SQuIGGLE: Studying Quenching in Intermediate-z Galaxies -- Gas, AnguLar Momentum, and Evolution (Suess et al. 2022)

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Stellar and Molecular Gas Rotation in a Recently Quenched Massive Galaxy at z ∼ 0.7 (Hunt et al. 2018)

Massive Quenched Galaxies at z ∼ 0.7 Retain Large Molecular Gas Reservoirs (Suess et al. 2017)

The Team

Jenny Greene

Mariska Kriek

Rachel Bezanson

Desika Narayanan

Robert Feldmann

Justin Spilker

Andy Goulding

Wren Suess

David Setton

Sidney Lower

Qiana Hunt

Elia Cenci

Maggie Verrico